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Laser Treatment in Dentistry

Laser Treatment in Dentistry to:

  •    expose partially erupted wisdom teeth
  •    manage gum tissue during impression for crowns
  •    remove overgrown tissue caused by certain medication
  •    perform biopsy procedures
  •    reduce and heal inflamed gum tissue
  •    speed up tooth whitening procedures
  •    replace the need to use drill or anesthesia in some procedures
  •    reduce bacteria in diseased gum tissue, tooth cavities and root canals
  •    control bleeding during surgery

Sports and Dental Injuries in Children

by Dr. Karnakova, DDS

Dental injury in sports is a commonly encountered issue for both children and adults. All sports carry a risk for injury while contact sports carry the highest risks for dental related injuries. Parents who actively enroll their children in sports must be aware of the potential risks for dental injury in order to make the necessary measures to minimize them.

Currently, the three sports that carry the most risks for dental injury include football, basketball, and hockey. A positive correlation can be made between the degree of contact and percentage of injury. Some of the most common injuries include fractures, tooth extrusion, intrusion and avulsion; and TMJ dislocation.