How It Works

We are dedicated to providing affordable dental care to all our patients. We accept various plans and can help you construct a viable payment plan.

Who is eligible?

Your spouse and eligible dependents – children up to age 26 – are eligible for enrollment.

It's easy to enroll!

Fill out the Enrollment Application.
Fill out a check to California Dental Network for the premium amount.
Dr. Zak Dental Care will send your check to California Dental Network.
Your coverage will begin the first of the month after your plan purchase.

Out-of-area Emergency Care is covered too!

If you’re not within 50 miles of your California Dental Network Office and you have a dental emergency, California Dental Network will pay you back up to $50 per year for such cases.

Specialty Coverage

Certain procedures cannot be performed by a general dentist, and instead require a specialist. Your general dentist will refer you to one and you will get a 25% discount from a Dr. Zak Team specialist.

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