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Your coverage will begin the first of the month after your plan purchase, which means you will be covered as soon as your premium payment is processed!

>Will This Plan Help Me If I Already Have Insurance?
YES! In many cases, if you enroll in our in-house dental plan through California Dental Network, we can coordinate your benefits with your primary insurance, which can further reduce your out of pocket costs!
Is there any Out-of-area Emergency Coverage?
If you’re not within 50 miles of your California Dental Network Office and you have a dental emergency, California Dental Network will pay you back up to $50 per year for such cases.
Is there any coverage for Specialty Treatments?
Certain procedures cannot be performed by a general dentist, and instead require a specialist. Your general dentist will refer you to one and you will get a 50% discount from a Dr. Zak Team specialist.

Sample TreatmentAvg. Feewith Z Dental PlanSavings
Comprehensive Exam$83No Charge$83
Full Mouth X-Ray$193No Charge$193
1st Adult Cleaning$138No Charge$138
Crown, PFM$1,658$747$911
Root Canal Single$1,004$525$479

*2012 National Dental Advisory Service for 93063