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  • Dr. Ilya Zak
    Dr. Ilya Zak DDS, CEO, Founder, Wellness³² Dentist
  • Dr. Howard Kopel
    Dr. Howard Kopel DDS, Dental Director, Wellness³² Dentist
  • Dr. Stephen L. Robin
    Dr. Stephen L. Robin DDS, Wellness³² Dentist
  • Dr. Mark Moya
    Dr. Mark Moya Wellness³² Dentist
  • Dr. Michael Vito
    Dr. Michael Vito DDS, Wellness³² Dentist
  • Dr. Raymond Leroy Wright Jr.
    Dr. Raymond Leroy Wright Jr. Peridontist, DDS
  • Dr. Anagha Joglekar
    Dr. Anagha Joglekar DDS, General dentist
  • Dr. Rohin Ambaram
    Dr. Rohin Ambaram DDS, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Dr. Nima Ebrahimi
    Dr. Nima Ebrahimi DDS, Periodontist
  • Dr. Kaitlin Tsuchiyama
    Dr. Kaitlin Tsuchiyama DDS, General Dentist
  • Dr. Paul
    Dr. Paul DDS, General Dentist
  • Dr. Sina Banankhah
    Dr. Sina Banankhah DDS, Orthodontist
  • Dr. Michael Gavin
    Dr. Michael Gavin DDS, Endodontist
  • Dr. Kenneth Coddington
    Dr. Kenneth Coddington DDS, General Dentist
  • Dr. Aiham Machhadani
    Dr. Aiham Machhadani DDS, Endodontist
  • Dr. Charles Chung
    Dr. Charles Chung DDS, General Dentist
  • Dr. James P. Schaeffer
    Dr. James P. Schaeffer DDS, General Dentist
  • Dr. Kristen Miller
    Dr. Kristen Miller DDS, Orthodontist
  • Dr. Jacob Agatstein
    Dr. Jacob Agatstein DDS, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Dr. Harrison Wong
    Dr. Harrison Wong DDS, General Dentist
  • Sonya Zak
    Sonya Zak BS, BA, PhD, COO, Team Integrator
  • Bianca Koohbanani
    Bianca Koohbanani MBS, Revenue Cycle Management and IT Integration
  • Jerilee Malang
    Jerilee Malang Virtual Teams Operations
  • Shanttel Rodriguez
    Shanttel Rodriguez Regional Manager, Greater Los Angeles Locations
  • Suelem Guerrero
    Suelem Guerrero BA, Regional Manager of San Diego, Temecula and San Dimas locations
  • Alejandra Rodriguez
    Alejandra Rodriguez Regional Manager, North of Los Angeles Locations
  • Shirley Leonard
    Shirley Leonard Specialty Department Manager