Our Team

Dr. Zak Dental Care has been serving the community of Southern California since 1994.

Here at Dr. Zak Dental Care, we are dedicated to continuously improving and attaining the most efficient and up-to-date technology and techniques for our dental work, and we continue to team up with the most qualified professionals. We believe that it is our task to educate our patients and our community as a whole about proper oral health and effective ways of financing this goal. We continue to provide our patients with effective, all-encompassing, and affordable dental care.

Meet our Team

Our staff is extremely well-trained and skillful, and we are committed to providing enthusiastic and positive service to all our patients. All our team members are registered assistants, and the staff has had many years of experience in providing patients with superior care.

Dr_Ilya_ZakDr. Ilya Zak, D.D.S.

Dr. Ilya Zak attended USC Dental School, graduating in 1990. He was one of only eight unique students to complete the ADAPT program, an accelerated 6-year dental program that allows one to complete both undergraduate and graduate requirements. After graduation, he completed TMJ/Pain Management residency at White Memorial Hospital and became a qualified medical examiner for TMJ dysfunction in California. He was also a part-time clinical instructor at his alma mater, USC Dental School, and he practices in Simi Valley, Valencia, Agoura Hills, and Long Beach since 1994.

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