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Ayuda para pacientes sin seguro dental

California Dental Network plan,
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Help for patients without dental insurance

California Dental Network plan
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How Much Does It Cost?

We recognize that the economic effects of Covid-19 are devastating to many patients.  We have partnered up with California Dental Network to design an affordable dental plan for our patients who do not have coverage or who need supplemental coverage.  It is a a licensed HMO Plan regulated by the California Department of Managed Healthcare and the benefits are similar to other HMO Plans, but the cost of enrollment is much lower, because we have cut out the middle men (i.e insurance brokers).


Monthly Rate

Annual Rate

Single Member






Family up to 5




What Are Some Dental Plan Advantages?

No Claim Forms
No Deductibles
No Annual Maximum
No Limitations on Most Pre-Existing Conditions
No Waiting Periods

How does the CDN Dental Plan Z Work?

Who is eligible?

Whether you are an existing patient or new patient to Zak Dental, you are eligible to enroll. To enroll in the "Couple" or "Family" membership plans, members must be sharing a household and/or married or eligible depends up to the age of 26.

How Do I Enroll?

Schedule your first appointment at any of our locations.  Let our patient care team know that you will be enrolling in the plan on your first visit so they can email you the enrollment form.

Make your Annual Premium Payment when you arrive for your first appointment

Your coverage will begin the first of the month after your plan purchase, which means you will be covered as soon as your premium payment is processed!

Will This Plan Help Me If I Already Have Insurance?

YES! In many cases, if you enroll in our in-house dental plan through California Dental Network, we can coordinate your benefits with your primary insurance, which can further reduce your out of pocket costs!

Is there any Out-of-area Emergency Coverage?

If you’re not within 50 miles of your California Dental Network Office and you have a dental emergency, California Dental Network will pay you back up to $50 per year for such cases.

Is there any coverage for Specialty Treatments?

Certain procedures cannot be performed by a general dentist, and instead require a specialist. Your general dentist will refer you to one and you will get a 50% discount from a Dr. Zak Team specialist.

How Much Will I Save?

The CDN Plan Z is designed to ensure that our dental care is not only high quality and comprehensive, but also affordable to our patients. When you enroll in this plan you will get unlimited exams, x-rays, TWO basic teeth cleanings per year at $0 copay, and 50-60% savings on most dental procedures.

Here is just one hypothetical example on how much you can expect to save through the CDN Plan Z:

Sample Treatment
Avg. Fee
with Z Dental Plan
Comprehensive Exam
$83 No Charge $83
Full Mouth X-Ray
$193 No Charge $193
1st Adult Cleaning
$138 No Charge $138
Crown, PFM
$1,658 $747 $911
Root Canal Single
$1,004 $525 $479
$3,076 $1,272 $1,804

*2012 National Dental Advisory Service for 93063

Covered Benefits and Copays


Office visit No Charge
Oral examination No Charge
Intraoral x-rays, complete series No Charge
Bitewing x-rays, single film No Charge
Topical fluoride (child) No Charge
Oral hygiene instruction No Charge
Prophylaxis (teeth cleaning) No Charge
Sealant per tooth $25.00


Amalgam, 1 surface $85.00
Amalgam, 2 surfaces $95.00
Amalgam, 3 surfaces $105.00
Amalgam, 4 or more surfaces $120.00
Composite 1 surface anterior $125.00
Composite 2 surfaces anterior $145.00
Composite 3 surfaces anterior $175.00
Composite 4 or more surfaces anterior                                             $215.00
Composite 1 surface posterior $140.00
Composite 2 surfaces posterior $165.00
Composite 3 surfaces posterior $190.00
Composite 4 or more surfaces posterior $215.00



Extraction, single permanent tooth $120.00
Surgical removal of erupted tooth $190.00
Removal of impacted tooth, soft tissue $220.00
Removal of impacted tooth, partially bony $245.00
Removal of impacted tooth, full bony $325.00
Surgical removal of residual root tips $150.00
Synthetic bone graft  TBD



Pulp cap $50.00
Pulpotomy vital or therapeutic $85.00
Root canal, anterior $525.00
Root canal, bicuspid $615.00
Root canal, molar $754.00



Scaling & root planning, per quadrant $95.00
Full Mouth Debridement $99.00
Periodontal Maintenance $89.00
Periodontal Irrigation, per quadrant  TBD
Periodontal Irrigation, generalized  TBD
Arestin (per site)  TBD


Porcelain fused to base metal crown $697.00
Porcelain fused to noble metal crown $747.00
Porcelain fused to high noble metal $747.00
All porcelain crown $747.00
Porcelain Inlay or Onlay (1-4 surfaces) $697.00
Bridge abutment or pontic unit $797.00
Cast post & core $195.00
Prefabricated post & core * $225.00
*member is responsible for copayment plus actual lab cost of gold
Reattach crown $80.00
Reattach bridge $135.00





Complete upper or lower denture $975.00
Upper or lower partial denture, resin base $775.00
Upper or lower partial denture, cast metal base with resin saddles $1,075.00
Adjust complete or partial upper or lower denture $70.00
Replace missing or broken teeth, complete denture, each tooth $145.00
Reline complete or partial upper or lower denture, chairside $225.00
Reline complete or partial upper or lower denture, laboratory $275.00
Stayplate $475.00
Add clasp to existing denture $200.00
Denture rebase $300.00


Full-banded, upper and lower, to age 19 $2,850.00
Full-banded, upper and lower, adults $3,050.00
Upper or lower, to age 19 $1,970.00
Upper or lower, adult $2,120.00
Ortho Retention upper and lower $650.00
Invisalign TBD


In Office Bleaching, full mouth $249.00
Ceramic Crown, 3rd generation $747.00
Labial veneer (porcelain laminate), laboratory $847.00
Night guards, soft, includes lab fee $447.00
Broken Appointment w/out 24 hr notice $50.00
Emergency after-hours $145.00

The ratio of premium costs to health services paid, for plan contracts with individuals and groups of 25 or fewer members, during the preceding fiscal year was 50%.

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