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No Drill, No Injection Dentistry at Zak Dental

The latest in dental innovation is the advent of no drill, no injection cavity arrest and fillings. This technique, called the SMART Technique, has been used in Europe and Japan for many years and is now available in the United States. It can be offered on many occasions to both children and adults.

Zak Dental is committed to providing and informing our patients of every option they have for treatment. We carefully evaluate and decide in which cases this technique would work well and deliver great long-term solutions to patients.

Learn about the No Drill, No Injection Dentistry provided at Zak Dental offices in Agoura Hills, Covina/San Dimas, Downey, Long Beach, North Park, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Simi Valley, Temecula, Valencia, Ventura, and Whittier/La Mirada.

No Drill, No Injection Dentistry

Here’s what your dentist is not telling you about fillings


Do dentists offer a filling option that does not require drills or shots?


According to the World Health Organization, untreated tooth decay is the most common health condition worldwide.

The main reasons people avoid going to the dentist are fear, finances, and mistrust. However, a solution called Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) and Glass Ionomer, known as SMART Fillings, may change the game.

SDF is a medication that can arrest and prevent decay, desensitize teeth, and kill bacteria, while Glass Ionomer can serve as a white filling to cover up the black stain that SDF may cause. While SDF has a lot of fluoride and may turn cavities black, it is an effective and affordable alternative to drilling and injections. However, it is important to seek a professional to perform this procedure as it is highly operator-sensitive.



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SMART Technique

Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique

This no drill, no injection technique is called SMART filling which stands for Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Technique.


Following the identification of a cavity in the tooth, we treat it with the following protocol:


Step 1: The application of SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) which arrests the cavity.

Step 2: We apply glass ionomer material on top of the arrested cavity.  Glass ionomer bonds to the enamel and dentin of the tooth creating an ionic bond.


This technique is completely atraumatic and requires no injections or drilling to perform. Combining these 2 procedures make up a SMART filling.


In the correct situation, this filling can be done without having to inject our patient or drill the teeth. 

Case selection is important and doctors have to be well trained to understand when the procedure can and should be used.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is a method of stopping decay and desensitization of teeth. This medicament has been used widely in Japan, Australia, and Europe for many years but not in the United States due to not having FDA approval. In 2014 FDA approved SDF for use in desensitization and in 2016 awarded SDF a breakthrough therapy status to treat cavities. It is widely used in dental schools such as UCSF Dental School and other dental schools throughout the country.

SDF is the first step in our drill-free, injection-free technique. (Check out our blog on Silver Diamine Fluoride to get a more in-depth look at how this method works)

Glass Ionomer

Glass ionomer (fluoro alumino silicate) material has excellent bonding strength to the tooth enamel and dentin. The bond strength increases over time and eventually mimics the natural tooth structure. Applying this material over SDF is the second step in the SMART technique. The glass ionomer strengthens the tooth by releasing fluoride for many months. It also kills any remaining bacteria by isolating it from its food source (i.e. carbohydrates).

Why Zak Dental?

Zak Dental was founded in 1994. We have worked hard on evolving the care we deliver to our patients. Our passion and commitment to delivering the best care to our patients and our communities led to the creation of a Wellness 32 promise. We believe that when it comes to oral health, every patient is entitled to a built-in second opinion and deserves access to not just one but a team of dental professionals. Our 360-degree oversight from treatment planning to treatment delivery is what makes our team unique.

Interested in learning more about our no drill, no injection dental solution? Check out the video below to hear Dr. Zak himself explain the process.