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Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional whitening is a great way to dramatically enhance your smile. You can have custom trays made by us and do the whitening with our prescription strength gels home with daily applications for 2 to 3 weeks. There is no over the counter product that will give you the same result in quality and comfort . With over the counter product people complain on uneven color ( due to there is no custom fit and and distribution of whitening agent is uneven) , burning gums ( same reason) as well as lack of change in color of the teeth ( weak ineffective formula due to an rx strength is not allowed because of uncontrolled use and prefabricated not custom made applicators – gel gets on the gums as well as the teeth and may burn the gums)

Deals of the Month

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We are committed to offer best quality dental care that will fit your budget.

For those patients who do not have dental coverage, we offer an In-House comprehensive dental plan for only $72/year through California Dental Network. It includes unlimited exams and 2 basic cleanings per year at $0 copay, PLUS 40-60% coverage on most other dental procedures.