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At Dr. Zak Dental Care in Ventura we are the first to admit that we, dentists are human, and as individuals can make mistakes. That is why our approach to dental care ensures accountability and quality control that can only be achieved through not just one but a team of practitioners. So YES! at Dr. Zak Dental Care you will have not just one, but a team of dental professionals take care of your oral health.


1. YOUR FIRST VISIT.  On your first visit, you will meet your Wellness Doctor who will lead the rest of your Zak Dental Team. The Wellness Doctor will take all the time that is needed in not just diagnosing the condition of your oral health, but also understanding YOUR personal goals about YOUR health as well as your financial constraints. That is why your treatment plan will be truly personalized and designed to achieve your personal goals, enhance your overall wellness, and be affordable to YOU. After reviewing this plan with you, your Wellness Doctor will put together a clinical team consisting of a hygienist, dentist and possibly dental specialists to complete your treatment.

2. CONSENSUS OF DIAGNOSIS. We believe that there should always be more than one provider working on your treatment plan to confirm the accuracy of your diagnosis. That is why before any major treatment is rendered, at least TWO dentists will need to agree on both diagnosis and optimal treatment. This can only be achieved within our team based approach to dental care delivery

3. SPECIALIZED DENTAL CARE.  There is no such a thing as “Jack of All Trades” in dentistry. The variety and complexity of procedures is so vast, that it is often necessary to involve specialists with several years of additional education and training to complete procedures such as implant placement, root canal, wisdom team extractions, braces, full mouth reconstructions, etc. Our team of specialists are ready to step in and complete your treatment that is beyond the scope of a general dentists.

4. 360 DEGREE QUALITY CHECK. Even when your treatment is complete, our job and obligation to you is not over. Your Wellness Doctor will step back in to ensure that our entire team can confidently stand behind the treatment that we rendered to YOU. So do not be alarmed or surprised when mid way or at the end of your treatment, we conduct a quality control check. It’s just business as usual at Zak Dental.

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What our patients say about Dr. Zak Dental Care in Ventura


290 Reviews


Mitch Breese
Nov 18, 2019

The epitome of modern dentistry, friendly, fast, efficient, and painless . Great staff, Amy in finance, Dr. Schaeffer, and dental assistant Deana were very friendly and helpful. All and all a great experience.


Brad Sullivan
Nov 5, 2019

Everyone was so nice and helpful with all the dental care and billing information They make it so easy for us. Thank you so much!


Hermine Khachatrian
Nov 11, 2019

My husband and I had a wonderful experience during our first check up and cleaning of our teeth. Very professional and detail oriented. We are excited and happy to be part of this dental group.


Oct 09, 2019

Many years ago, after receiving intolerable and painfully substandard dental work from a competing office in the same area of town, I became literally panicked to get future care from any dentist. Then when things could not be put off any longer, I mustered up courage to set an appointment with a dental office that I had heard, had great personal service. To my amazement, they were able to calm my fears and expertly take care of my dental challenges with no problem. Needless to say, this was a great relief to me and preventative care is now back in my life. 🙂


Alex Dunkel
Sep 20, 2018

No waiting, and the staff were friendly and professional. They have never tried to sell me work I didn't need nor lie to me. This place is a rare gem among dentist offices.


Cynthia Madsen
Jan 17, 2018

Treated like an old friend! Love everyone there and have confidence in their work.


Dellarose Santos
Dec 22, 2017

I'm not to fond of going to the dentist but all the staff there are AMAZING. The dentist talked me through my procedure and made me feel really comfortable.


Marissa Arendsman
Aug 15, 2017

Everyone at the front desk, the doctor and the rest of the staff were extremely friendly, professional, helpful and caring. I really felt comfortable being in your office. Thank you for making a dental office experience as pleasurable as possible.

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