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Can wisdom teeth cause problems?

Wisdom teeth can cause an issue when there is not enough room for them in your mouth or when they are coming in at a weird angle. Sometimes they may come in completely without any issues but are too far back in the mouth to keep cleaning, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

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Impacted Tooth Removal

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Impacted wisdom teeth can pose a significant risk to the dental health of a patient.
Those partially covered by gum tissue can make patients especially vulnerable to decay, periodontal disease, and potentially serious infections.
Food particles and bacterial plaque become trapped under the gum line, where they are completely out of reach for the patient to remove.
Because the wisdom tooth was not removed in time, the second molar developed a large cavity and eventually an abscess that required endodontic treatment and a crown to save it.
Removal of wisdom teeth is usually not complicated, although care must be taken not to injure nerves in the area.
To minimize trauma to the jaw, the tooth is divided into pieces that are removed in a logical order according to a carefully developed plan.
The soft tissues close up over a few weeks.
Bone usually completely fills the socket within months.

Surgical Tooth Removal

Guidelines Following Tooth Removal