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What is a Wellness³² Exam?

We believe that comprehensive, accurate and timely diagnosis is the first and most critical step to optimizing the Wellness³² (a.k.a. Oral health) of our patients.

On your first visit to the office we will take extremely comprehensive records, including a complete set of x-rays and as much as 40 intraoral pictures of your teeth and soft tissue. These records will them be thoroughly reviewed by our diagnosing doctor team in preparation for your virtual visit with them. This virtual telehealth visit is usually done from the comforts of your own home and allows your diagnosing doctor to develop a personalized treatment plan that takes into account Your overall Wellness³² goals. Your doctor will also take the time to explain multiple options which may need to be considered, and prioritize your treatment so you have a very clear picture of your most immediate treatment needs as well as long term strategy to enhance your Wellness³² (a.k.a. Oral Health).

Learn about the Wellness³² Exam provided at Zak Dental offices in Agoura Hills, Downey, Long Beach, San Diego, Covina/San Dimas, Simi Valley, Temecula, Valencia, Ventura, North Park, Santa Barbara and Whittier/La Mirada.


What happens after the Wellness³² Exam?

Your treatment coordinator will schedule your treatment with our provider team. Whether you just need a cleaning with our hygienist, or wisdom teeth extractions with our oral surgeon, or root canal treatment with our endodontist, or braces with our orthodontist, or crowns and fillings with our restorative general dentists, or gum surgery with our periodontist, your treatment can all be scheduled and completed at your closest Zak Dental location.


Rest assured, by maintaining in-network status with most insurance plans, our team maximizes your insurance benefits and minimized the need for patients to seek treatment outside of our practice for financial considerations.


If you do not have dental insurance, rest assured, our in-house dental plan through California Dental Network is an extremely affordable alternative to get covered.

How Do I know if I have a Dental Emergency?