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How Much Will I Save?

The CDN Plan Z is designed to ensure that our dental care is not only high quality and comprehensive, but also affordable to our patients. When you enroll in this plan you will get unlimited exams, x-rays, TWO basic teeth cleanings per year at $0 copay, and 50-60% savings on most dental procedures.

Here is just one hypothetical example on how much you can expect to save through the CDN Plan Z:

Sample Treatment Avg. Fee with Z Dental Plan Savings
Comprehensive Exam $83 No Charge $83
Full Mouth X-Ray $193 No Charge $193
1st Adult Cleaning $138 No Charge $138
Crown, PFM $1,658 $747 $911
Root Canal Single $1,004 $525 $479
TOTAL $3,076 $1,272 $1,804

*2012 National Dental Advisory Service for 93063