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Reattach Dental Crown: Code D2920

The recementation of a dental crown is a procedure that involves reattaching a crown that has become loose or detached. This is typically done using dental cement or adhesive.


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Here’s a general overview of the steps involved in recementing a dental crown:

Assessment: The dentist will first assess the condition of the dental crown and the underlying tooth. They will determine the reason for the crown becoming loose and check for any damage.

Cleaning: The area around the crown and the crown itself will be cleaned to remove any debris, bacteria, or old cement. This ensures a clean surface for bonding.

Preparation: If needed, the dentist may prepare the tooth by cleaning or roughening the surface to enhance the adhesion of the dental cement.

Adhesive Application: Dental cement or adhesive is applied to both the crown and the prepared tooth.

Placement: The dentist carefully positions the crown back onto the prepared tooth, making sure it fits securely.

Bite Check: The patient may be asked to bite down to ensure that the crown is properly aligned, and the bite feels comfortable.

Excess Cement Removal: Any excess cement is removed, and final adjustments are made to ensure a proper fit and bite.

It’s important to note that the recementation process should be performed by a qualified dentist. If you have a loose or detached dental crown, it’s crucial to seek professional dental care promptly to prevent further issues. Attempting to fix it yourself could lead to complications.