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Premedication with Antibiotics

Learn about the premedication requirements prior to dental procedures.

Many years ago we had to premedicate for many hard conditions including heart murmurs.

Antibiotics had to be taken a couple days before the day of and a couple days after for proper coverage.

After many years of research we have found that antibiotics only need to be taken the day of one hour before one dose of antibiotics for proper coverage.
Research also has shown that heart murmurs are no longer even necessary to be pre medicated for.

Today we only pre medicate for very serious heart conditions such as congenital heart defects, prosthetic heart valves, certain types of cardiac transplants, and if you have a history of heart infections.

Also after years of research we have found that artificial joints may also not need to be pre-medicated for.

Due to the uncertainty in this field of research we advise all of our patients to check with their orthopedic surgeons to see whether or not in their specific case you need to take antibiotics before dental treatment.

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