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Posterior Dentition

Zak Dental dentist talks about the teeth positioned on the back part of our mouth, we call it posterior dentition. A lot of people are concerned about the front teeth , the teeth that we show when we smile. But the back teeth are very important as well. If we’re lacking back teeth, we are compromising the vertical height of our face that is supported by our back teeth. Because when the teeth are missing the vertical size of the face changes.

Besides that we miss some teeth in the back, the rest of the teeth are starting to shift and drift and eventually it can distort your smile as well.

Restoring the missing teeth is very important. There are different ways of doing that. The best way to restore the teeth is implants. But there are other ways to restore missing teeth: bridges. with every patient every situation is different. It has to be decided for each person individually.

Come over to our office, we look at your month to give you the best options.

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