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Porcelain Materials

Dr. Karnakova

A new generation off very strong porcelain materials for fabricating crowns, veneers and inlays helped to advance dentistry in many ways.

The previous generation of metal restorations ( including gold alloys ) would require aggressive reduction of the tooth to allow  enough thickness material to provide strength and retention. Cement ,  the substance used  to attach the restoration to the tooth , would provide a simple adhesion , similar to the one that would be provided by a glue.

Porcelain, Zirconia materials that are used now are allowing us to bond the restoration to the tooth and bond is more like a fusion of two objects and one which provides superior  strength , fracture resistance and retention. This allowed for a very thin restorations with minimum tooth reduction and great aesthetic qualities. Now these days porcelain , nonmetal restorations are definitely the restorations of choice.