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Missing Teeth Replacement

Learn about the Missing Teeth Replacement treatment provided in Zak Dental offices in Agoura Hills, Downey, Long Beach, San Diego, Covina/San Dimas, Simi Valley, Temecula, Valencia, Ventura, North Park, Santa Barbara and Whittier/La Mirada, California.


Why is replacing a missing tooth important for my health, and what are my options for doing so in a natural-looking way?


Teeth occupy a neutral position in the dental arches, maintained by a delicate balance of forces from the jaw muscles, tongue muscles, lip muscles, and each other. When a tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth can drift into their former positions, the opposing teeth begin to extrude, and the forces on the remaining teeth are increased. Those that have been weakened by decay and fillings may be at risk of breakage.


Common options for replacing missing teeth include dental implants, which can be individually restored with crowns, or bridges. Bridges can also be tooth supported.


In the front part of the mouth, a bridge can be a very aesthetic solution. Other options may include removable dentures or even orthodontic treatment. You should ask your dentist which of these options may be best for you.