Fund My Smile Contest

#FundMySmile Contest

Sea Breeze Dental Smile Contest


Download the Contest Consent Form


What will I win?
$500 worth of dental care at Zak Dental.

Who can participate?
Any patient of record or their family member.

If I pre-paid for my treatment can I participate?
YES, you will receive a refund if you win.

Why are you doing this?
We would rather help our patients, than pay Facebook to promote us.

How do I enroll?
1. Email us a picture of your face, or face of the patient you are doing this for.
2. Sign a Consent Form (if you are doing this on behalf of another patient, both of you and patient must sign this consent).

What will happen next?
1. We will input your photo inside of a photo frame.
2. We will announce your participation on our Facebook page and tag you on 11/30/2017.

The following text will be included with the picture:

Share this post and help FundMySmile. Dr. Zak Will Fund $500 worth of dental care that I NEED if I can get the most shares of this post. Please Share!

3. You will share this post with your friends/family and encourage them to share.

Who will win?
The person who gets the most amount of SHARES of their post before 12/31/2017 wins!

How will I know if I won?
We will post the winner by 01/06/2018 (within 5 business days after end).

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