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Fixed and Removable Implant Restorations
Fixed and removable Implant restorations for edentulous patients

“Edentulous” means all teeth are missing. A patient may be edentulous or becoming edentulous in the upper, lower or both jaws. The patient that desires implants to replace all of their teeth in either upper, lower or both jaws has a variety of options that need to be discussed during the Examination and Consultation Process. Every patient is unique and no one treatment plan fits the needs and desires of every patient.

Fixed Implant supported prosthesis

Maxillary & Mandibular completely Edentulous Fixed Hybrid Prosthesis

Hybrid Prosthesis or fixed-detachable prosthesis is a combination of an implant-supported overdenture and an implant supported fixed bridge. Four to six implants are usually used and prosthesis is screwed onto the implants. The prosthesis is removable by your dentist but cannot be taken out by the patient.

All on Four

In some cases of the completely edentulous patients, implant supported prosthesis treatment is almost impossible without complex techniques such as nerve transposition and bone grafting in the posterior maxilla (upper jaw) and mandible (lower jaw). A solution for such situations is the All on four.
The “all on four “treatment concept was developed by Dr. Paulo Malo with straight and angled Implants to provide edentulous patients with an immediately loaded full arch restoration with only four implants.
–Two placed vertically in the anterior region and two placed up to an angle of 45o in the posterior region.
When used in the mandible, tilting of posterior implants makes it possible to achieve good bone anchorage without interfering with mental foramina.
In severely resorbed maxilla, tilted implants are an alternative to sinus bone augmentation.

All on Six and All on Eight

The all on six and all on eight, Dental Implant involves placing 6 or 8 implants through your jaw, the difference between an all on 4, all on 6 and all on eight, is the number of implants. The more implants the dentist places in the mouth reconstruction treatment, the closest he will be to restoring the function of natural teeth. The problem is not all patients are suitable candidates for this oral surgery because of bone deficiency.
All on Four, All on Six and All on Eight are Implant-supported, screw-retained restorations that can only be removed by your dentist for maintenance.

Removable Implant supported prosthesis

Removable Implant Supported Overdenture. This type of prosthesis is supported by implants. Implant-retained dentures are removable by the patient.

This prosthesis resembles a conventional removable denture but does not rest on the patient’s gum tissue. This prosthesis rests completely on the implants and is held securely in place by a variety of attachments.

The Removable Implant Supported Overdenture is a great option for a patient missing all of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw because it is more affordable than the Fixed Options and because it is more comfortable than a conventional denture

The advantages of a Removable Implant Supported Overdenture over a conventional denture are numerous.
In the upper jaw, the prosthesis does not cover the roof of the mouth.

The prosthesis does not move and cause sore spots.

The implant supported prosthesis stops the loss of bone that occurs with a conventional denture

The prosthesis restores facial dimensions and lip support that have been lost. In other words it reverses the Aging Process of Conventional Dentures.

The various attachments used to secure the Removable Implant Supported Overdenture to the implants are discussed with the patient at the Consultation Appointment.


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