Exam and Cleanings

Your First Visit

What should I expect from my First Visit to one of the Dr. Zak Dental Care office locations?

During your initial visit to our offices, you will receive a comprehensive dental exam, including a gum disease evaluation, evaluation of existing restorations, evaluation of decay on tooth surfaces, and an oral cancer screening.

At Dr. Zak Dental Care, we believe that whether you simply need a bi-yearly check-up or full periodontal therapy, our team of dentists, specialists and hygienists will always provide you with comprehensive treatment plans and impeccable quality of service.


At Dr. Zak Dental Care, our team is dedicated to making sure that you feel comfortable, whether you’re in the office for a regular check-up or full-scale treatment.



How can I prevent myself from getting cavities?

The American Dental Association has shown that over 80% of cavities are caused by decay that begins in early life. In order to prevent decay and future cavities, the dental teams at Dr. Zak Dental Care use sealants on the tooth’s surface to protect the teeth from decaying over the years. These sealants are robust and hold up under normal chewing, lasting several years before having to be reapplied. During your visits to our office, we will inspect the condition of your sealants and reapply if necessary.



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