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Here is a list of considerations for a referral to a specialist:

  • Degree of difficulty of treatment
  • Is there an extreme inclination or rotation of the tooth?
  • Curvature of the tooth root and canal

When to refer to an endodontic specialist

  • Difficulty of the root canal treatment increases with significant curvature of the canal.
    How many canals does the tooth have?
    Some molars contain two, three, or even four roots, thus needing treatment by an endodontist.
    Appearance of canals on radiographs
    Pulp stones or calcified canals make it very difficult to access the pulp chamber.
    Does the tooth have a crown or post?
    Is the problem an endodontic, periodontal, or combination of both?

The above listed is some of the most common reasons why a general dentist should refer a patient to an endodontist. Nonsurgical root canal treatments have some of the highest success rates of any dental procedure. As patients, it is important to maintain a good relationship as well as communication with a trusted dentist to ensure the highest quality treatment.