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  • For Uninsured Patients

    You don’t have to neglect your teeth and gums just because you don’t have dental insurance.  When you join our membership program,  You pay a low  monthly fee and enjoy access  to  thousands of dollars worth of minimally invasive  dental care at no additional cost. 

  • For Patients with Dental Coverage

    The good news is that we are in-network with your plan. The bad news is that your plan may not cover all the dental care that you need. By enrolling in our membership program, you can access thousands of dollars worth of minimally invasive dental care for a low monthly fee.

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    For a low monthly fee, Our Membership Program gives you access to state of the art minimally invasive dental care.    Let’s make sure you pick the plan that fits your unique oral health needs.



    All new and existing patients of Zak Dental who have dental coverage through  PPO, HMO or Denti-cal.



    Our Membership Plan is NOT dental insurance and is not intended to replace dental insurance. Our Members enjoy access to a list of specific prepaid dental care services and products for no out of pocket fee except for the membership fee. In addition, our members enjoy 35%-40% discount on other general and specialty services that are offered at our practices.



    To become a member you can enroll directly through our website or at one of our locations. As soon as you enroll you can enjoy all the benefits of the membership plan at any of our locations. To schedule your first appointment, you can use our online scheduling tool or call us! There are no waiting periods.



Our annual membership plan allows uninsured individuals and families to gain access to routine preventive value based dental care at no extra cost and additional services at a reduced cost. Individuals and families with limited coverage are also welcome to join to gain access to dental care that is not covered by their dental insurance.

Need help choosing a membership program that maximizes value for you? Click here to compare plans or give us a call at 833-ZAK-TEAM .

How do I pay for membership?

Our secure online portal accepts all major credit cards and debit cards.  You can also use other payment options in  person at one of our locations.

When does my membership become effective?

After signing up, your membership is effective immediately. No waiting period! Simply book your first appointment via our website or by calling us 833-925-8326. If you are not sure about what plan brings you the most value, don’t worry, we can adjust your enrollment to best fit your unique treatment needs.

Once I am a member, what's next?

Book your first appointment via our website (click here) or by calling us 833-925-8326. It’s that simple!

Can I add more people to my account?

Yes! You can add more members on your own by clicking the “Enroll Now” button on the plan you want above (just use a unique email address). You can also call us at 833-ZAK-TEAM to sign-up for more members!

How do I cancel my membership?

Please email your cancellation request to Please allow 3 business days to process your request.

Can I cancel my membership without penalty?

Yes you can cancel your membership without penalty within days of enrollment.  However, if you cancel within 5 days of enrolling, you’ll be responsible for the difference between membership fees paid and the cost of services received per our usual and customary fees which are listed on your treatment plan estimate.

For more details please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the plan.


What is caries arrest therapy?

A non-toxic substance called Silver Diamine Fluoride is placed in a non invasive way to treat/arrest dental decay that is not yet deep into you tooth. This medication has shown to be very effective in stopping cavities from growing, but it requires reapplication every 6 months.  And the best part is…that you preserve your natural tooth structure and you don’t need to be numbed… a.k.a. No shots! 

The cost for each application per tooth is $78.  Our Shield and Wellness membership programs include up to 12 applications of Silver Diamine Fluoride per year at no additional cost.   It’s a no-brainer to join one of these plans if you are a candidate for this minimally invasive, revolutionary cavity arrest treatment.


Most patients believe that dental care is only about drilling, filling, extracting your teeth and poking and cutting your gums. . But that is simply not true. The biggest value we provide to our patients is to preserve and protect your natural teeth and gums through minimally invasive procedures. And the added bonus is that these procedures are virtually painless, so you don’t need to be numbed with a shot. Bellow are a few examples of minimally invasive dental care that you can access at an of our practices.

  • Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) – This non toxic formula is applied to your tooth to arrest/stop decay and kill the bacteria that causes it. It eliminates the need to drill the tooth or reduces the amount of drilling we need to do.
  • SMART filling– This form of dental filling reduces the amount of your natural tooth structure we need to drill/remove by incorporating SDF. Your tooth is also filled with a special material called Glass Ionomer that can fuse with your natural tooth structure and actually remineralize your tooth to make it stronger over time.
  • Therapy³²: Through the use of fluoride application this treatment strengthens your enamel, making it more resilient against tooth decay and makes your teeth less sensitive to temperature.
  • Medicinal irritation: Did you know that gum disease is actually the primary cause of premature tooth loss and is linked to other systemic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease? In fact more than 50% of adults have gum disease. Irrigating your gums with prescription strength antiseptic solution kills the bacteria that causes plaque and calculus which is characteristic of periodontal disease.
  • Laser Decontamination: Laser is a very effective way to reduce gum inflammation and periodontal pockets. It works on a molecular and deeper level that traditional metal hygiene instruments cannot reach.
  • Electric Toothbrush: The Quality of Home care is critical for the health of your teeth and gums. That is why we provide our Shield, Rebuild and Wellness program members with a good quality and reliable electric toothbrush. Brushing with a well designed electric toothbrush has shows to remove plaque more reliably than manual brushing.

Read our blog that delves into the details of various forms of minimally invasive dental care. Also here is a link to a video where Dr. Zak delves into the details of this form of dentistry.