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  • Fabrication of Sport Guards

    Fabrication of Sport Guards

    Fabrication of Sport Guards. A sport mouth guard is an appliance. It is prescribed to an athlete to protect his teeth from being damaged from an accident.

  • Sports Injuries in our Youth

    Sports Injuries in our Youth

    Sports Injuries in our Youth. A question that crosses every parent’s mind, especially if their child is involved in any organized sports is, ‘will my son or daughter get injured playing? And because my child is young and still growing, is there any way for me to lessen the severity of a potential injury.

  • Sports and Dental Injuries in Children

    Sports and Dental Injuries in Children

    Sports and Dental Injuries in Children. Dental injury in sports is a commonly encountered issue for both children and adults. All sports carry a risk for injury while contact sports carry the highest risks for dental related injuries. Parents who actively enroll their children in sports must be aware of the potential risks for dental injury in order to make the necessary measures to minimize them.

  • Endodontic Specialist

    Endodontic Specialist

    Endodontic specialist is a dentist who specialize in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy procedures. In many cases, general dentists may perform root canal treatments that are minimally difficult and have less complicating factors.

  • Dental Sports Guards

    Dental Sports Guards

    Dental Sports Guards . Over the counter dental sports guards are cheaper than the custom ones made by the dentist. The reason is that the material used for over the counter sports guards are not durable and very thick. Also they are ill fitting and uncomfortable.

  • Tooth Avulsion

    Tooth Avulsion

    Tooth Avulsion. What to do when a tooth is knocked out? The treatment for permanent teeth consists of replantation, immediately if possible. Replantation — physically replacing the tooth into its socket. The proper way to remove debris from the root of an avulsed tooth is to rinse it in cold water.

  • Root Canal Visits

    Root Canal Visits

    Root Canal Visits. Root canals may be treated in one or multiple visits. Most root canals can be treated in one visit. The exceptions are extremely infected teeth, complications from the procedure, and complex cases.

  • Pain Medication

    Pain Medication

    Pain Medication. Patient’s with pain in the pulp of the tooth are usually given pain medications such as:
    Motrin or ibuprofen which have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
    If stronger pain medications are needed usually Vicodin or Hydrocodone can also be prescribed.

  • Sports Injuries and TMJ

    Sports Injuries and TMJ

    Sports Injuries and TMJ. Sport induced TMJ can be caused either by a traumatic blow to the jaw or muscle strain that puts stress on the tempromandibular joint. It’s also possible to suffer TMJ because you are overworking your jaw during sports. Clenching your teeth is common when you are trying to use all your strength.

  • Snap on Smile

    Snap on Smile

    Snap On Smile is a non-invasive way to gain improved cosmetics over a short period of time.  It is a removable dental appliance that is made of a crystallized acetyl-resin that is durable and stain resistant. The slightly flexible material allows the appliance to ‘snap’ over existing teeth without any alteration or drilling of existing teeth.