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For over 25 years Dr. Zak Dental Care has lived by our core value of quality assurance, safety, accountability and benevolence. These enduring values guide us as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. Now is more important than ever to enhance our patient's overall wellness through safe and effective dental care. That being said, we must also do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by incorporating the need for social distancing in our dental care delivery process and have upgraded our safety protocols.

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We are preferred providers for DeltaCare, Delta Dental, Liberty, Aetna, Cigna, Metlife, Guardian, California Dental Network and many more plans.

Our Safety Precautions

Below is a summary of the ADDITIONAL safety precautions as part of our response to Covid-19. Please note, we are constantly updating our protocols and processes as the Covid-19 pandemic evolves and we learn more about how the virus spreads.
  • Patients who are experiencing flu-like symptoms or who are aware of being exposed to Covid-19 , are urged to self quarantine and contact their healthcare provider, prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • All people (team members, patients, vendors, etc.) who are exhibiting flu or cold like symptoms or have been in contact with someone who had Covid-19 within the past 14 days are not permitted to enter our facility.
  • Everyone who enters our facility is required to wear a face covering.
  • For patients who come to their appointment in their car, We ask that they wait in their car while waiting to be seen.
  • All team members get their temperature checked prior to the start of their shift, and patients get their temperature checked prior to the start of any treatment. Those with elevated temperatures are asked to postpone their treatment, self quarantine, and contact their healthcare provider until their symptoms resolve. Team members with elevated temperature are also asked to go home and contact their healthcare provider.
  • We now have a Virtual Team of Doctors who are providing comprehensive telehealth exams which contribute to social distancing efforts.
  • We have implemented a respiratory protection plan which involves proper use of special respirator equipment by our entire clinical team....they may look a bit intimidating behind all that PPE, but don't worry there are big warm Smiles behind those respirators!...and Our safety team chose the environmentally friendly approach of adopting reusable P100 respirators over the disposable N95 masks!
  • Our operatory turnover process between every patient involves a 8 step process which includes disinfection of all surfaces, flushing of water lines and placement of barriers on commonly touched surfaces
  • We ask all patients to wash or disinfect their hands and rinse their mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide solution prior to the start of their treatment.
  • We disinfect our lobby area and check-in/check-out counters and bathrooms at least once every hour and even more frequently for commonly touched surfaces such as door knobs and signature pads.
  • Our team members are tested for Covid-19 regularly in all of our facilities, and we are starting to offer testing to patients as well.
  • And it goes without saying...that we are continually adhering to our rigorous disinfectant, sterilization, and safety protocols as we always have.

  • Our Patients Love Us!

    Chelsea Foster
    Nov 15, 2019

    I hadn't been to a dentist in over 3 years before coming here and couldn't have been happier about the decision to place my care in the hands of the Dr. Zak team! Every encounter and appointment has been helpful, friendly, and educational with this staff. Sandra, Jessica, and Ferdy are both professional and personable with my paperwork and appointments. If I could give this place 6 stars I would!

    Maddy McCann
    Nov 9, 2019

    I recently switched dentists after hearing about Dr. Zak in Long Beach. I went in this morning and was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Williams who did my exam, Dawn who checked me in, and Nara who handled my paperwork. They were all so sweet and accommodating and extremely helpful. I admittedly don't like the dentist but they made the experience much more enjoyable and actually I look forward to coming back.

    Michelle Carrillo
    Nov 4, 2019

    I haven't been to the dentist in quite some time, but I had such a pleasant experience. They were all very professional and walked me through each step. Overall, very happy I picked this place and will be keeping them as my primary dentist. A few people that were extra helpful were: Ferdy, dawn, Tony, and of course my dentist who was a super nice women Dr. Roshi.