Antibiotics and Their Indication in Dentistry

When to use antibiotics, how much to use and what type of antibiotic to use is making its way to the forefront of health care. This is due to an alarming rise in the number of antibiotic resistant superbugs. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention more than 2 million people in the US are hospitalized and more than 23,000 die each year from superinfections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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Mouth Guards in Sports

Each year more than 5 million teeth are either avulsed or displaced due to a sports injury. In many cases the loss or damage to teeth can be attributed to the absence of a mouth guard or to a poorly fabricated or ill-fitting one. Research in the area of orofacial injury has shown that any trauma that occurs to the base of the skull which causes the condyles to be pushed upward into the glenoid fossa will result in a concussion.

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Fabrication of Sport Guards

A sport mouth guard is an appliance that is prescribed to an athlete to protect his teeth from being damaged from a physical blow to the face or an accident. A sport mouth guard is usually made with a thicker material and given its purpose it is made to extend to cover the entire jaw, even the gum so that the entire mouth can be protected.

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Sports Injuries in our Youth

A question that crosses every parent’s mind, especially if their child is involved in any organized sports is, ‘will my son or daughter get injured playing? And because my child is young and still growing, is there any way for me to lessen the severity of a potential injury. Well, common sense says that any child that engages in physical activity whether it’s an organized sport or just ‘street’ play, runs the risk of...

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Sports and Dental Injuries in Children

Dental injury in sports is a commonly encountered issue for both children and adults. All sports carry a risk for injury while contact sports carry the highest risks for dental related injuries. Parents who actively enroll their children in sports must be aware of the potential risks for dental injury in order to make the necessary measures to minimize them.

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Endodontic Specialist

Recent advancements in endodontics including instruments, materials, and technology have resulted in more retention of teeth than were deemed untreatable in the past. In many cases, general dentists may perform root canal treatments that are minimally difficult and have less complicating factors.

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